Literature Major FAQs

How do I declare the English Literature major?

If you’re already an English major, it’s simple: just talk to your advisor and choose either a concentration or design your own. If you’d like to declare as a new major, please visit the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences advising office for the major sheet and then submit your paperwork. You may also contact the English advisors here.

I think a course not regularly listed in my concentration should count toward my track for the major: what do I do?

Simply talk to your advisor, in consultation with the Literature Director. Different versions of the same course have different foci; just bring the syllabus to your advisor and describe the work you did (if a final project, for example, was a key component of what made your course different) and they will help you take care of the rest.

What is the “breadth of study” requirement and how do I fulfill it?

English Lit majors should take at least one course whose primary content comes from writers of traditionally underrepresented groups. These can be racial, gendered, sexual, global, class, or other minority groups. We have marked the courses that will always fulfill this requirement, but many others will count, too, depending on the syllabus of the individual instructor. Just ask your advisor if you have any questions.

How many credits are required for the major?

36 credits are required for the major. The link to the English Literature major/minor sheet is available on the Dietrich School's Undergraduate Studies website. 

How many credits are required for the minor?

18: the first two core courses (ENGLIT 0505 and 0506) plus four electives from any concentration; two of those electives must be 1000-level or higher, and we recommend one of the project seminars as part of that final pair. The link to the English Literature major/minor sheet is available on the Dietrich School's Undergraduate Studies website.

Can I do two concentrations?

The better option in that case—because the Dietrich School limits how many credits you can take in one major—is to design your own. Your advisor can help with that, as can your instructor in most any course.

How many courses can I take in other programs or fields?

You may take up to 6 credits of courses not designated ENGLIT. These may include courses in ENGWRT, ENGCMP, and FILM, for example. Simply ask your major advisor for permission to substitute these courses for existing requirements in the new major.

Can I still double major in other fields?


What about certificates? Can I still combine those with my Lit major?

All of the same certificates are available, and in fact, the courses we are offering will count toward a broad range of certificates across the University.

What about my internship (ENGLIT 1907): where does it count?

Internships count toward your concentration as long as they fit the rubric (which they most likely will)—just talk to your advisor.